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Boost your Success

From business cards to billboards, we offer a wide range of design services for all your branding and marketing efforts. Enhance your web presence, traditional printed marketing methods, social media and e-marketing with designs tailored specifically for your business.



What is involved in the process?

Every website design project is different. That’s part of the beauty of working with TheMaayaa—you aren’t going to end up with a template.For the sake of clarity though, here’s a very simplified overview of what is involved with one of our web design projects.

Scoping & Research

First, we meet with you to determine your website goals and aspirations.

Website Architecture

Then, after much concentrated discussion, study and thought, we provide you with a stellar website architecture.


Next, you’re provided with a stunning design concept that encapsulates your brand essence.

Putting Life

Our programming team will then take your concepts and bring them to life on the web.


If you have leveraged our content team, we empower your website with impactful messaging.

Technical SEO

We run through the entire site for quality assurance, browser testing, and SEO performance.


Then we let that baby loose into the world, and we monitor how it’s doing. We may even have some champagne with you when the site goes live.

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